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 Check out what our customers are thinking about the inclusion Factory!  

As a social enterprise, our mission is to promote the employment of people with disabilities. Offering excellent service for our customers lays the foundation of our enterprise. We are always open to feedback. New ideas help us to improve in all different ways.Comprehensive analysis of customer needs and satisfaction is an important way for us […]

How to Include People with Disabilities into Your Team?

Brainstorming Session Many companies have been striving to promote CSR values in their teams, however road to inclusion is not an easy process, because it requires all your team to be on board and literally change the mindset of your organization. Disability Awareness Workshop can be a great beginning for your inclusive journey! It makes […]


Social Inclusion Academy has new graduates!

After a month of intense workshops, lectures and practice in the production line, graduates of our Social Inclusion Academy are ready to implement newly acquired knowledge and test different practices back at their home organizations in Tianjin and Shenzhen. Scholarship for participants from local NGOs This year we diversified participants of our SIA program.Apart from […]


a 3-minute video on CSR as a business strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility is an important strategy in companies, but many managers do not know how to comply with it and put it into practice. We prepared a 3-minute video to explain exactly that, we promise it is worth watching!       This video is supported by siimpleshow simpleshow believe that a word without […]


My Life, My Beauty!

Our Life, Our Decision, Our beauty… Today we are celebrating diversity, fairness and acceptance of people who were born what the society presumes “different”. In fact, aren’t we all different? The difference between the “so called” regular people and people with Down Syndrome is just one single extra chromosome. This extra chromosome contributes to more […]