See the individual potential of people with disabilities.

Under the guidance of the Taicang Disabled Persons’ Federation and the Taicang Civil Affairs Bureau, the UShine Charity Center was officially established in 2023.

As a comprehensive solution service platform in the disability support field, UShine Charity Center provides a variety of support strategies to individuals, organizations, and enterprises to help them achieve different levels of social integration.


The term “NEST” is an acronym standing for Natural Environment, Engagement, Support, and Targeted. These four pillars represent UShine Charity Center’s philosophy and dimensions in promoting the social integration of people with disabilities. The NEST PLAN aims to assist adolescents with intellectual disabilities in acquiring career planning guidance and vocational rehabilitation, supporting their smooth transition into the next stage of their growth.

What do we do?


Providing professional counseling for individuals with disabilities and their families, offering long and short-term development planning suggestions based on individual growth history and family resources

  • Youth Development Counseling
  • Placement Solution


We use a special test designed for teenagers with certain developmental issues. Through this test, we assess their job-related skills and guide them, aiming to help them grow and fit into society better.

  • Comprehensive Ability Assessment

Vocational Rehabilitation

We offer training based on a person’s background and family support to help them learn and grow job skills for both the short and long term.

  • Job Preparation Skills Training
  • Transition
  • Placement and Work Trials

Other Program

Social Services

We help businesses train and manage employees with disabilities. We also share teaching resources with special education centers and parent groups that help with rehabilitation.

  • Corporate Employment Consultation
  • Employee Follow-up and Training
  • Non-Profit Educational Collaboration

Charitable Initiatives

We provide guidance services to families with intellectual disabilities to ease their caregiving responsibilities. Additionally, through our events, we aim to bring the wider community closer, promoting understanding and unity.

  • Empowerment Program for Families with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Workshops for Disability Supporters

Management Team

Richard Zhang

Richard Zhang

 Jesicar Shen

Jesicar Shen

Board Member
Leo Jia

Leo Jia

Board Member
 Yan Mu

Yan Mu

Parent Organization Leader
Project Leader

Support us

How can Businesses support our development?

Goods and Fund Sponsorship

Every bit of your support can help more people with disabilities achieve sustainable employment, such as sponsoring our disability vocational training, career development plans, and more.

Corporate Volunteering

You can leverage your business and employee strengths to provide us with volunteer services, boosting employee satisfaction and empathy while fostering team cohesion.

Outsourcing Orders

By outsourcing your orders to us, you can create more job opportunities for PWD and add greater social value to your supply chain.

Promoting Workplace Inclusivity

Join us in promoting a culture of workplace inclusivity, such as hosting workshops, visiting the Inclusion Factory, providing internships and job opportunities for PWD, and more.

How can Individuals support our development?

Make a Donation

You can provide financial donations to our projects and activities, enabling us to offer enhanced support and development opportunities to people with disabilities.

Volunteer with Us

Join our team of volunteers and use your professional expertise and skills to help improve the vocational abilities and quality of life for people with disabilities.

Spread the Word

Promote our projects and philosophies through your social media and personal networks, raising awareness and gaining more support for the cause of people with disabilities.




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