Taking a Significant Step in Inclusive Employment: The Story Behind a Contract

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On August 2, 2023, Fang’s labor contract signing ceremony took place smoothly at IMS Gear, marking Fang’s transition from being an employee at the Inclusion Factory to an employee at IMS Gear. This transition signifies not only a new chapter in Fang’s career but also a significant breakthrough in the joint initiative between the Inclusion Factory and IMS Gear to promote inclusive employment.

The Power of Collaboration: Efforts Behind Inclusive Employment

The achievement of inclusive hiring is the result of collaborative efforts from multiple parties. Throughout the project, IMS Gear demonstrated a strong commitment to inclusion and disability equality, injecting powerful momentum into the entire initiative. Not only did they steadfastly showcase this belief throughout the project, but they also actively supported equality and diversity. In this unique ecosystem, IMS Gear acted not only as a provider of employment but also as fertile ground, nurturing individual growth and team cohesion.

Inclusion Factory engages in friendly exchanges with IMS Gear

Fang and his family, akin to brave navigators, have persevered through challenges, facing the changing tides just as they would turbulent waves. When confronted with changes at work, they’ve had concerns and worries, yet they’ve approached in a friendly manner—raising questions, listening to suggestions, maintaining positive communication with the team, and actively responding to every proposed action plan. As they integrate into the new team, their fondness for IMS Gear grows. From the young person who, after the first trial at the company, rode bike alone to linger at the entrance of IMS Gear, saying to his father, “I might work here someday,” this summer, they made it happen!

Fang displaying his work ID

In the project, professionals play an indispensable role. Trainers and disability support specialists provided intensive support from the project’s inception to establishing a supportive environment at IMS Gear, and their contributions were key to the project’s success. Through continuous efforts, three trained individuals with intellectual disabilities not only took a significant step in their professional development but also embarked on a diverse career exploration path. Their growth is a testament to the dedication of the staff, who not only provided support in vocational training but also played an active role in shaping the future path for these young minds. We feel honored to be part of this journey, illuminating a path for their development and moving forward together.

Fang undergoing vocational training

In the course of advancing the project, we maintained close communication with IMS: consistently staying in touch with the direct line managers to understand candidates’ job performance better, thus supporting their work arrangements more effectively. Simultaneously, we actively facilitated communication between candidates, their families, and the company, aiming to eliminate uncertainties in both parties’ needs and establish a solid collaborative relationship. We provided regular candidate assessment reports to offer robust references for project managers, ensuring the project’s smooth progression. This professional collaboration not only stands as our sincerest acknowledgment to IMS, our long-standing partner but also serves as a testament to our joint efforts, safeguarding the project’s success.

Inclusion Factory hosts a farewell party for Fang, Training Manager Zhang Hangjuan with Fang

Looking ahead towards a future of greater possibilities

The labor contract signing ceremony for Fang represents not just one person’s professional embarkation but also an embodiment of the practice and innovation in the model of inclusive employment for individuals with intellectual disabilities. We believe that through continued cooperation and effort, we can collectively create a more diverse and inclusive workplace environment.

In February 2023, under the guidance and support of the government, Inclusion Factory initiated the establishment of the UShine Charity Development Center in Taicang. This initiative aims to provide systematic program designs for businesses, organizations, and individuals across various sectors willing to engage in inclusive hiring. It’s focused on creating social value in the field of vocational rehabilitation and inclusive employment for individuals with intellectual disabilities, aiding more disadvantaged groups to work and live in the “Happy Taicang.”

Fang signing contract with IMS Gear

Creating an additional possibility for the future

“We hope Fang will be happy working with us, and we also hope for a long-lasting and comprehensive cooperation between Inclusion Factory and IMS Gear.”

——Vice President, IMS Gear, Cai Yu

“Fang is a lovely young person, and we have many expectations for him. We hope he can have better career development at IMS Gear. Moreover, we hope that through Fang Zhisong, we can set an example for our colleagues at Inclusion Factory and for the young children in special education schools: to work diligently, tread their career paths earnestly, and ultimately craft a unique future.”

——General Manager, Inclusion Factory, Jia Ying