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Providing employment opportunities to People with Disabilities since 2014.

Production with social value

Back in 2014, at the initial phase, the Inclusion Factory employed 12 individuals with intellectual disability who performed assembly work for the automotive and electrical appliances industries. As of 2021, Inclusion Factory has been employing 40 full-time employees with intellectual or mental disability.

Making inclusion work

As the market demand for hiring people with disabilities has grown, combined with our accumulated experience in this field, we have established the “Inclusion Advisory” service, to support companies to assess, train & hire People with Disabilities.

Education for change

The biggest barrier for promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities is not accessibility, but rather the attitudes of the society toward those with disabilities. In order to tackle this immense barrier, we have established the “Social Inclusion Academy” to change the societal perception to see capabilities instead of disabilities, opportunities instead of threat through our Disability Equality Awareness Seminars, we influence people’s attitudes and attitudes towards people with disabilities; through our Transition Program, we empower graduates with intellectual disabilities to smoothly and successfully enter the workplace; through the Train the Trainer Program, we provide companies with an internal coach that will further support the training and development of people with disabilities in their organization.

The Inclusion Group is a social enterprise dedicated to the employment of People with Intellectual Disabilities. Founded in 2014 in Taicang, Jiangsu Province, it is one of China’s leading employment solutions providers for People with Intellectual Disabilities and the recruiting enterprises.

Inclusion Group

Production with Social Value

Inclusion Factory is a social enterprise providing employment opportunities to People with Disabilities.
Manufacture & Assembly / Production
Office Digitalization Service
Inclusive Food Delivery

Making inclusion work

Inclusion Advisory provides professional consulting services based on practical experience to support employers in developing a workplace culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.
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Discover Potential Abilities

Comprehensive solution service platform for disability support field.
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Social Impact

We have created an ecosystem for an inclusive society, which acts like a ripple effect, attracts more and more people to participate in this social change.

Participation in employment brings hope to families of individuals with disabilities; We have introduced the concept of inclusive employment to enterprises, and we have contributed to making Taicang a model of inclusiveness across China.

“I never thought my son could have a job. Since he started working at the inclusion factory, he has colleagues, friends and he participates in many activities, he has been learning a lot and developing his cognitive and social skills. He has changed so much in the last few weeks. He very rarely smiled before, or was smiling because someone instructed him to do so.”

— Parents of Inclusion Factory’s employee


People with intellectual disabilities have been employed by Inclusion Factory


People with disabilities have been employed in other companies supported by the Inclusion Advisory


People participated in our Disability Equality Awareness Seminar


Social workers graduated from our Social Inclusion Academy (SIA) program for certification as Job Coaches based on the German Vocational Training model.




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