Inclusion Factory, Attracts Wide Attention at Home and Abroad!

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On May 21st, National Assistance Day for the Disabled, Inclusion Factory had the honor of receiving attention and coverage from Xinhua News Agency. Subsequently, it garnered widespread attention from domestic and international media. The following is from Taicang Release.

Xinhua News Agency produced and released a video titled “Their Positive Lives Need to Be Seen by More People,” focusing on Inclusion Factory in Taicang, telling the stories of people with intellectual disabilities realizing their dreams in Taicang. Within 24 hours of its release, the video amassed over a million views on Xinhua News Agency’s client app and its English-language client app. Within 12 hours, it gained over a hundred thousand views on Xinhua News Agency’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other international media platforms.

At 20 years old, Li Rong is a person with an intellectual disability who grew up in Huludao, Liaoning. Three years ago, her family relocated to Taicang in search of employment opportunities for her.

Li Rong’s workplace is the Inclusion Factory, a charitable enterprise established spontaneously by a local foreign companies in Taicang. It provides job opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities from all over the country.

Here, these unique employees don’t engage in simple manual labor; instead, they manufacture components for well-known local foreign companies.

Apart from their work, they receive daily training in life skills, aiming to better integrate into society in the future.

In the Inclusion Factory, there are many female partners with disabilities who appreciate beauty, pursue it, and wish to showcase it. Through them, people can see the “beauty of diversity.”

Since its establishment, the Inclusion Factory has been dedicated to providing job opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities, becoming a vibrant example of cooperation between Taicang and Germany and inclusive employment for people with disabilities. Currently, we have 47 employees with intellectual disabilities who create their own value through labor, radiating a unique brilliance.