Why Did They Come from a Thousand Miles Away to Attend Our Workshop?

On June 30th, Inclusion Factory held a Disability Equality Awareness Workshop to promote awareness on the integration of the people with disabilities in various cities and industries.  

12 integration promoters gathered in Taicang. They come from as far west as Xinjiang, as far north as Qingdao, and as far east as Shanghai. The farthest participants came from Urumqi, 2,485 miles away.

Some of them are from enterprises preparing to launch disability inclusion groups to integrate the concept of disability inclusion into their corporate culture. Some are from social enterprises that use disability-focused communication methods to serve their clients and enhance the service level for employees with disabilities.

In the workshop, we reflected on the relationship between each person and person with disability.  

What different experiences do persons with disabilities have in transitional, medical, and social model?

What is the mechanism behind this difference? How can we break this impasse?

If you are to design an accessible restaurant, what elements would you put in as the owner?

When it comes to an inclusive society, what changes do we need to make? Everyone thought deeply about these questions.

After a fruitful discussion, now let’s look at the practical side. From idea to action, this is the commitment made to the disability integration by our participants today.

• Equal treatment instead of overtly specialised treatment.

• Remove barriers to people with disabilities in the work environment.

• Acquire more knowledge to help identify and solve the problems of persons with disabilities around them.

• Gather more resources, join hands with the public to gradually optimise the environment for disability integration.


Translation is supported by Inktale Shanghai