Check out what our customers are thinking about the inclusion Factory!  

As a social enterprise, our mission is to promote the employment of people with disabilities. Offering excellent service for our customers lays the foundation of our enterprise.
We are always open to feedback. New ideas help us to improve in all different ways.Comprehensive analysis of customer needs and satisfaction is an important way for us to keep improving the quality of our service. This year, we conducted a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey.
The overall average score is 9.6 points. Looking at the various categories, customers are most satisfied with corporate social responsibility (up to 9.8 points), while they rated their satisfaction with our service at 9.6 points. This shows that we not only fulfill corporate social responsibility but also meet the emotional needs of our customers, along with the delivery requirements of their products. 

Scores of Each Question

2020 VS 2019

Compared with 2019, our overall scores have increased. There was a slight decline in satisfaction with quotations and communication, but there were significant improvements in quality, transportation services, corporate social responsibility and overall satisfaction.
We have been able to achieve such impressive results thanks to the efforts of every frontline operator in Inclusion Factory, as well as every member of our production management team.
We strive for excellence – In every aspect, at all times. From quality of products to development of employees, the Inclusion Factory is all about excellence. Striving for holistic excellence drives our daily ambitions.