How to Include People with Disabilities into Your Team?

Brainstorming Session
Many companies have been striving to promote CSR values in their teams, however road to inclusion is not an easy process, because it requires all your team to be on board and literally change the mindset of your organization. Disability Awareness Workshop can be a great beginning for your inclusive journey! It makes your team get out of their comfort zones, challenge their deep-rooted thoughts and it helps create a base for a new inclusive mindset of your organization.

Brainstorming Session

In August and September, we have delivered 3 training sessions for IMS Gear and BASF teams in both Chinese and English. BASF chose their first Disability Awareness Workshop as their Team building activity, yet one with special added value! While IMS Gear has decided to continue their Disability Awareness Workshop tradition and keep building disability equality awareness among new members of their company.

Hands on experience

Comments from other participants

“Such a high-quality participatory workshop, learned so many things about my own bias & prejudice, the cycle of fear we all encounter in different aspects of life.”

“I could have never imagined that there are so many people with disabilities in China, and that people with employment are so little. Seeing people with disabilities at work is very rare. I am thinking where are all those people? Where did they go? We definitely need to work hard on the company level to promote inclusion of people with disabilities.”

“Patience, equality, inclusion are the most important intakes from this workshop. I will try to set up an inclusive team at my workplace.“

More Disability Awareness Workshops are coming in September! If you are wondering, how to challenge your team`s way of thinking? Or how to bring spritis of inclusion and solidarity into your teams? Get in contact and we will tell you more! We can tailor a workshop to your needs and ensure that your team will learn and enjoy this experince!

Disability Awareness Workshop

Disability Awareness Workshop is very interactive one-day training aimed at getting awareness about disability issues. Developed in Ireland in the early 1990s, Disability Awareness Workshop is now used by many UN agencies, MNCs, INGOs and others throughout the world. It makes your team brainstorm, share their ideas and reflect on some common (mis)conceptions we usually have about differently-abled people in our society.

Recommended Participants: Company’s Top & Middle Management, Production Line Leaders, CSR managers, Social workers in the disability field
Ideal number of participants: 8 – 20
Training venue: Inclusion Factory or your company
Languages: Chinese, English or bilingual
Duration: one day or 2 half-days

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