Corporate Social Responsibility, now is the time !

The year 2020 is quite a challenging one for us all. And although the global economy is experiencing a recession, many companies engage in social projects as they keep promoting meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility strategies. In the Inclusion Factory case, things are not different; we are honored to welcome new supporters into our network. Together, we further promote the inclusion of people with Intellectual Disabilities in our society.

 Gold Partners



Brose has been promoted from Pearl level partnership to Gold level, slowly and steadily becoming one of the inclusion Factory`s biggest customers!

The best way to support us is by providing us with work orders! Products that are outsourced to the Inclusion Factory lead to further employment of People with Disabilities and therefore bring a meaningful change into their lives. Brose has been helping us doing so at an ever-growing rate.


 Pearl Partners




Schaeffler Special Machine Builder supported technological innovation at the Inclusion Factory. Shaeffler’s team upgraded our production equipment while extending its service life, which resulted in a significant improvement in production efficiency and quality stability.





A long-lasting partnership that has reignited recently!

Staufen is supporting the Inclusion Factory with staff management and Lean operation guidance! Our partner for operational excellence.




Our ultimate goal is to provide people with Intellectual Disabilities with decent employment.

To be able to reach this goal, we have been exploring different assistive tools and devices that can further enhance the working abilities of our employees. One key component in this path is to be able to prepare our own assistive tools and fixtures.

We are very grateful to Wiiboox 3D Printers, who sponsored a high-quality industrial 3D printer. Wiiboox moto is “Realize Your Big Ideas,” a very matching phrase to the potential role technology can have in the Inclusion of People with Disabilities into the workforce!



How often do we encounter people with disabilities in our daily lives?

And how often do we give them a place in our companies?

As we wanted to convey this message in a simple, easy-to-understand, and eye-catching way, we asked help from a global expert: Simpleshow. Check out this 3-minute video that Simplshow has done for our Inclusion Advisory service.

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