A Report on Inclusive Employment is Released!

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After almost a year of hard work, – reporton inclusive employment of people with intellectual disabilities – “Inclusion at Work: Guidelines for Social Inclusion in China” has finally been published.

This report provides a short overview of the Inclusion of People with developmental disabilities in China and presents guidelines as for how the inclusion can be further promoted.

With this report, we aim to help managers to reach an informed decision about the possibilities of inclusion within their companies and provide scholars, government and non-governmental organizations an insight into this rapidly developing field.

Information about social inclusion projects in China is scarce, and not easy to access, particularly for foreign management. With the endorsement of the Shanghai German Chamber of Commerce, and based on the experience of pioneering companies that are bringing this change into their societies, we hope this publication can shed some light on the topic, create more opportunities for people with disabilities, and show you, that Inclusion is rewarding, meaningful, and – above all – the right thing to do.

This report could only be published thanks to the support of the following people and organizations: Alexander Sirakov – the Editor in Chief and the initiator of this report, JungleFish Shanghai for the outstanding design and years of support, Elisabeth Bauer and the German Chamber of Commerce team and all other people who dedicated their time and knowledge to make this project happen. Thank you again!

And most notably, we want to express gratitude to outstanding employees of the Inclusion Factory and their families; because they are setting the standard for Social Inclusion in China and opening the door to many more people who will benefit from your amazing achievements!