We Are Inclusive We Are Designed for Success

An estimated number of 85 million people with disabilities live in China today but most of us never get the chance to meet someone with a disability in person in our daily lives, that is where prejudice and superstitions come from – we do not know, we hear some stereotypes and believe them to be true.

We most often see things from our personal point of view and it is hard to imagine that people with disabilities also have dreams, aspirations, love for beauty, hobbies and passion for life.

But we are more alike than different.

The journey of independence that has transformed these women inspired us to reflect on how alike we are and how every person has the possibility of succeeding on his/her own way.




We Are Strong



We Are Beautiful



We Are Independent




We Are Complete




We Are Alike



We are Designed for Success. But success is a tricky word, seems to be mostly defined by what other people thinks, yet at Zurita we believe success is what we define for our own lives. These women are successful in the same way we all are. We all have worried our parents at some point, we all had that awful teacher who told us we would never be who we wanted to be, we all have failed at some point. And yet we keep trying. That self-improving nature, that fight, makes us alike.

Makes us Successful by Nature.


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