Taicang, the City of Blissful Contentment, Is Even More Wonderful with You!

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On the occasion of the 34th National Day for Helping the Disabled

State Grid Taicang Power Supply Company collaborated with Inclusion Factory

To jointly launch a promotional film

From a unique perspective, the film tells us

To treat with equality

To present genuine care

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In Taicang

An auto parts processing enterprise with German elements

Committed to the integrated employment of people with intellectual disabilities

Over the past decade, Inclusion Factory

Has expanded its product range from 5 to 40, with a 38-fold increase in output value

The number of employed people with intellectual disabilities has increased from 12 to 42

A total of 60 people with disabilities have been employed here

Where they can make a living and win respect

Where they can interact and integrate into society

Where they can learn skills and develop further

Where they can retire and receive a pension

Everyone has the opportunity to excel

Not allowing intellectual disabilities to become obstacles to survival and development

A smile, a thumbs-up

Treating each other equally is the best care


Special thanks

State Grid Taicang Power Supply Company

Taicang Disabled Persons’ Federation

Taicang Media Center