A Brand New Look! Inclusion Factory enters a ” New Phase “

After expanding our brand into a group in 2020, we are now happy to announce the brand consolidation results. 

With a new brand icon and lead color we now communicate our services in one clear voice.


The visual appearance goes hand in hand with concise and clear verbal description of our offering:

Inclusion Factory remains our core brand and stands out better with the new IF icon and lead color.

The new offering “office services” (scanning, document management) is now combined with the classic manufacturing and assembly services.


The sister brands “Inclusion Advisory” which supports companies seeking to hire Persons with Disabilities as well as the training arm “Social Inclusion Academy” expand Inclusion Factory’s original offering into a comprehensive social enterprise, under the name “Inclusion Group”. 

The purpose of all our activities is the same:“We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to realize their abilities, and to live a full participatory life.”


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