Inclusion Factory Annual Report 2021

In March 2022, the Inclusion Factory celebrated seven years of existence, having common prosperity and solidarity as it’s core values.

We are proud to present you with our 2021 achievements, alongside a brief view of our past and a glimpse into our exciting future!

Over the years, what started as a small workshop hiring 12 people, working on very simple assembly and sorting tasks, has evolved into a highly advanced Automotive supplier, equipped with technologies and Automation that are in line with the vision of smart manufacturing.

We created and certified the Social Inclusion Academy – a comprehensive program for the qualification of trainers working with People with Disabilities; and we’ve stayed tuned to the market needs as we established the Inclusion Advisory, a consulting and implementation service which supports companies to hire, train and retain People with Disabilities.

We remain adaptive and agile, adjusting ourselves and our goals to the ever-changing Chinese landscape, as we further position the Inclusion Factory as a nationwide leader in the field of Inclusion & Equality.

We would like to take this opportunity and express our gratitude to our multiple customers and supporters who believe in our social mission and join efforts with us to make a diffrance.

The final, most important thank you goes to our team, for their dedication & hard work, and to our dear employees for seizing this opportunity with both hands, proving society that they can and want to contribute, that they belong, and that they deserve equal rights for employment and fulfillment in life.

This is really about them – and for them.

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