Social Inclusion Academy | The 8th Job Coach Training Session was A Success!

In 2021, the 8th job coach training of Social Inclusion Academy was successfully completed at Inclusion Factory. Six trainees from all over the country participated in a three-week on-site study.

Social Inclusion Academy is committed to promoting consciousness for disability equality and providing professional support for activists and advocates in the field of disability equality. Among our services, the job coach training program is developed based on the German Lebenshilfe model, continuously improved based on the experience accumulated by Inclusion Factory, and certified by the German Chamber of Commerce in China|Shanghai (AHK). At present, a total of eight training sessions have been carried out, and 23 certified job coaches have been trained.

In this training program, the trainees went through workshops, courses, film screenings, visits, and practical experiences on the production line. After completing the training, they used their newly acquired knowledge and practical experience to return to their local institutions and continue promoting the integration and employment of people with disabilities.

Classroom review

As a systematic introductory training, the job coach training program consists of seven modules: introduction to disability concepts, disability awareness, employment support, sheltered workshop operations, occupational care, practice, as well as movie viewings and visits.

The job coach training focuses on the behavioral characteristics, supportive strategies, and professional performance of people with intellectual disabilities. It also includes education on domestic and foreign laws and policies, family support strategies, and adult sex education for people with intellectual disabilities in the workplace.

In addition to the team of lecturers from the Social Inclusion Academy, we also invited nine other lecturers. They are all teachers with many years of experience in special education, disability services, human rights research, organizational development,and personnel strategy.

In the practice part of the training, trainees used Inclusion Factory as their practice base and followed the workflow of evaluation, job training, job matching, job redesign, behavior management, personal development planning, and production of training manuals to polish their understanding of theory in practice.

Graduation remarks

After the course, all the trainees said that the learning experience exceeded their expectations and they had gained a lot of value.

While supporting others, don’t forget to support yourself.
As job coaches, let’s move forward together!

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