The endless strive towards common prosperity, 17 Enterprises won the CSR award

2020 has been challenging for the economy and the society as a whole, and still we have had some great achievements Despite the fact that 2021 was no different, we are proud and happy to say that this year’s achievements are even bigger.

Today our headcount is 64 employees, 12 more than same time last year.

This year’s focus for us was awareness-raising and education, We conducted 10 Disability Awareness seminars, held 5 open days, and certified 6 students in our Social Inclusion Academy.

We started diversifying our services by establishing an administration center where people with disabilities are doing office tasks.

And the highlight of the year is that finally our employees and their families have their own family support group, established by them – for them with support from us.

▲Yao Yunwei
More Alike Than Different Family Support Group Initiator

All of this is only possible because of the support from all sectors of society.

▲Li Gang
Taicang High Tech Industrial Development Zone

▲Andrzej  Wojcikowski
Inclusion Factory
Board of Directors,Chairman

 Our theme for this years’ ceremony is public welfare and it consists of 6 different categories: Long Standing Supporter Award、Sustainable Supply Chain Award、Professional Empowerment Award、Capital for Good Award、Impactful Education Award、Hidden Champion Award.

Long Standing Supporter Award

German Chamber of Commerce in China | Shanghai

Professional Empowerment Award



Professional Empowerment Award

Inktale Shanghai



Easy Trans Logistics

Data Direct

Capital for Good Award


Atlas Copco

Sustainable Supply Chain Award




Sustainable Supply Chain Award

IKEA Components (China)



Impactful Education Award

Taicang Special Education School

Hidden Champion Award

IMS Gear:Ms. Michelle Qian, Ms. Lucy Zhang, Ms. Yvonne Zhu, Mr.  Yangbo, Mr. Wu Jianping, Mr. Wu Jianping, Mr. Chen Sunwei, Mr. Zhu Huiguo, Mr. Xie Meng, Mr. Liu Shuanniu, Mr. Ni Siyi, Mr. Cao Jian, Mr. Wang Gang, Mr.  Gu Lingfeng, Mr.  Zhu Dan.  

Brose :Mrs. Catherine WU

Since we met Catherine 5 years ago, she has been continousely looking for ways to support the Inclusion Factory and Brose has been sponsoring Inclusion Factory’s activities since the beginning of 2019 and providing production and processing projects since 2020. This year Catherine took another step further toward social inclusion.

We of course are not planning to stop here of course and with the common prosperity targets that China had set for itself, we have many more things that we can do to further bring people with disabilities into the society.

We hope that in our journey for building an inclusive society-

We can have you by our side.

– Special Thanks –

Translation is supported by Inktale Shanghai.