Facing COVID19 with Support from our Partners!

Inclusion Factory officially resumed its operation on February 17th. In order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection, we have set up an Epidemic Prevention and Control Group, to follow and record the health condition of our employees and to apply disinfection measures in our company.

IMS Gear, Mubea and Orchisky have been our long lasting cooperation partners and in this difficult period, they have also been taking care and supporting us to ensure that we could safely resume our operation. We would like to express our gratitude to the generous donation of a total of 750 surgical masks, disinfectant alcohol and bleach, protective goggles and other anti-epidemic materials. Furthermore, we are very grateful to the parents of our employees for a kind donation of 200 surgical masks.

With these preventive measures, we are finally back to business. All our operators wear masks, keep a proper distance during meals, and wash hands regularly to ensure personal hygiene. Additionally, we disinfect public areas such as production lines, offices and locker rooms.

It is believed that with the joint efforts of various partners, no winter lasts forever, every spring is sure to follow.

Thank You for all the Support!