Special Times Call for Special Actions


We believe that in these crucial days, people with Disabilities can further show their real value to the society and companies included!

There are plenty of people with various disabilities, who in regular days, are excluded from the workforce, although they are highly motivated and skilled.

This is a Hidden pool of available workforce, which is local, and while your workforce is away, can help you cover the gap with plenty of added values such as the Tax deductions you are entitled to while hiring people with disabilities, together with a substantial improvement in your company’s image as you implement creative and socially responsible strategy even in times of stress. Most importantly, they will help you address your urgent operational needs.

If you wish to explore this path, we at the Inclusion Factory commit to FULLY support you throughout the process with our team of experts:

  1. We will help you decide which processes and work positions are the most suitable ones for inclusion
  2. We will support the candidates sourcing and interviewing procedures
  3. We will be there with you, onsite, to ensure a smooth and successful integration

Special times call for special actions;
We can use this opportunity to do good for our companies and our society.

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