Industry 3.5 at Inclusion Factory

While having a very similar agenda as the Industry 4.0 concept:

  • increasing efficiency, quality and flexibility
  • raising the skill level of workers
  • assuring safer and more attractive workplaces
  • reducing costs
  • allowing quick reaction on demand changes
  • providing traceability

The methodology of Industry 3.5 significantly differs from Industry 4.0 in its core element: The core of Industry 4.0 is the CPS … the Cyber-Physical System monitoring physical processes, creating a virtual copy of the physical world and making decentralized decisions possible.

The core of Industry 3.5 are TWDs … our Talents with Disabilities. After picking their own task from a visual planning system a smart NFC-supported supervision system mentors our TWDs all the way from raw material to the finished product, eliminating handling errors. Top quality and high efficiency is achieved by specialized and intelligent working stations combined with visual aided controls.

Some technical titbits:

  • ERP (finance, procurement): Kingdee
  • ERP (production and task planning, order processing): A-Plan 12
  • NFC tagging of material & workplaces
  • Language-free symbolic touch user interfaces
  • NUC type Intel small computers for distributed workplace intelligence
  • Barcode reader and auto label printing