4 Years of Cooperation Won Us the “Social Responsibility Award”

On October 19th, the 2021 Schaeffler Greater China Supplier Conference was held in Xiangtan. Simon Chen, the production manager of Inclusion Factory, attended the conference.

▲On the left: Simon Chen, the production manager of Inclusion Factory
On the right: Daniel Weber, Chief Operations & SCM Officer Greater China at Schaeffler Greater China

At this meeting, Inclusion Factory won the Schaeffler Social Responsibility Award. As a supplier, it is our highest honour to be able to have earned Schaeffler’s trust and affirmation.

This year is the fourth year of cooperation between Inclusion Factory and Schaeffler. So far, we have produced a total of 8,338,071 parts for Schaeffler. This project has directly enabled us to hire seven employees with intellectual disabilities.

As a leading global supplier of automotive and industrial products, the Schaeffler Group is committed to building a sustainable supply chain. They have thousands of suppliers around the world and provide production materials and services to more than 70 factories in 50 countries around the world. Schaeffler’s advanced business philosophy, well-developed system, strong sense of innovation and excellent corporate culture makes them an inspiration to their partners and suppliers. We are very proud to have such a partner. We are always grateful for this win-win platform as it allows us to advance with confidence.

The long-term cooperation between Schaeffler and Inclusion Factory has promoted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through responsible production, creating decent work positions, and empowering people with intellectual disabilities to use their own labour, leading to no poverty and equal, effective participation in society.

In the future, Inclusion Factory will uphold the principles of providing customers with high-quality products and services, creating value for customers and working hand in hand with customers to promote the integration and employment of people with disabilities.

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