Enterprises Supporting Dreams, Aspirations & Equal opportunities for All – Introducing 2020 CSR Ceremony Awardees

We chose December 3rd, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, to hold Inclusion Factory’s annual CSR Award Ceremony and to thank our partners & supporters for their contribution in promoting the employment of people with intellectual disabilities.

The Taicang government, Taicang Disabled Persons Federation, the Taicang Round Table member companies,our employees’ parents & family members, and many companies and individuals who are concerned about the employment of people with disability gathered here.

2020 is the destination year for China to build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way.  Adhering to the “no person with disability will be left behind” principle, here at the Inclusion Factory we are supporting this cause by using employment as a tool for rehabilitation and equal participation, for a prosperous, harmoneous and fair society.

Taicang High Tech Industrial Development Zone have been supporting us and promoting the concept of inclusive cities, with your support, Taicang will not only become a civilized city but also an inclusive model for the rest of China.

Welcoming speech from Mr. Wang Hongxing, standing committee member of Taicang municipal party committee and party secretary of the Taicang High Tech Industrial Development Zone


2020 has been challenging for the economy and the society as a whole, and still have had some great achievements this year:

We expanded our operation in terms of space. We have built a second floor, in terms of customers & orders, and in terms of headcount, today we are 51 people in total, 52 as from next Monday.

We have established a cooperation with Loreal and Hengsheng Logistics – helping them to create an inclusive line inside their warehouse in Suzhou, Loreal will start by hiring 12 people with intellectual disabilities;

This year we are honored to grant 17 different companies with our CSR award to express our gratitude and appreciation for their trust & support. The award consists of 5 different categories: Project partners, Gold, Pearl, Long standing supporters & Outstanding Contribution Award. All awards will be granted by our dear employees.





OASE Living Water


Mobil Data


Zollner Electronic


IMS Gear


This year’s Outstanding Contribution Award was awarded to our 5 board members.

5 people who are the backbone of this beautiful project. 5 people who believed it is possible before the first step was even taken.


Thilo KOEPPE, HUBER+SUHNER Managing Director North Asia & Inclusion Factory’s chairman of the board, the man with the vision and the endless enthusiasm to make the Inclusion Factory bigger & bigger. His crazy, adventurous ideas which we were able to make a reality.


Ms. Jesicar Shen, the General Manager of OASE Living Water, our lady for the special missions-able to solve all the impossible bureaucratic hurdles; the woman who can change every red light into green.


Mr. Dietmar Schenk, the General Manager of Mobil Data  is the technical brain behind the Inclusion Factory, the person who took it as his personal challenge to exemplify that smart technology is a key factor in enabling inclusion of people with disabilities. A man who is innovative enough to create technological solutions that make the work here simple, accessible, error-proof and efficient for our employees.


If we ever needed something, never mind what or when, Mr. Erik Breslein, the General Manager of Zollner Electronics has always been there for the Inclusion Factory, from feeding all of us with his catering services, donation of equipment and supporting us  with technical skills; and most importantly always making sure to spread the word about us.


IMS have been our second family for the past few years, providing us with production orders, supporting us with professional mentoring, engineering solutions, legal advisory; their facility team comes here every week to help us with maintenance & of course, they hire people with disabilities in administration positions & in production, 2 years ago they took a big step forward by hiring one of our employees.

Steve Hwang the Vice President of IMS Gear is represented by Andreas Gotz, Vice President of IMS Gear.








Xuntang and their group of companies have been supporting the Inclusion Factory for the past few years, providing us with recruitment support & logistics.

And recently they have shown their trust and commitment towards the Inclusion Factory by signing our second term support contract with our funding stakeholder from Germany – KFW DEG. By signing this contract, Xuntang guarantees Inclusion Factory’s future for the years to come.

Mr. Jason Chen,Vice President of Xuntang; The Award was presented by Chen Shiqi



Taicang Software Park



Taicang Software Park has been our home for the past 5 years & a loyal partner from day one. They have been supporting our unique mission, supporting our expansion plans and have been a cooperative ally for our different requests during all these years.

Mr. Gong Zhigang, the General Manager of the Taicang software park. The Award was presented by Sun Xiaoli





E.G.O. Components



E.G.O has been our first customer & 5 years later is still our biggest and most stable one; entrusting us with 3 different projects, those projects altogether provide stable, high volume workload for 10 employees.

Mr. Andreas Hornfischer, General Manager of EGO; The Award was presented by Pengxin



Mubea Automotive Components



Mubea is not only being our customer for the past 4 years, but also constantly trying to develop us as their supplier – supporting us with machinery solutions, helping us to improve our production processes, sponsoring our training room.

For the past 2 years, Mubea sponsor our unique transition program for the graduates of the Taicang Special Education school; this program allows a smooth integration of the graduates from school life to the work environment.

Mr. Dietmar Hunecke, Managing Director of Mubea China. The Award was presented by the graduates of our Transition Program: Ji Yiran, Xu Xiao, Su Xiaochun, Kang Naixin and Jiang Liren





Brose Taicang Automotive Systems



Brose is always seeking how to strengthen their engagement in our company, what started with sponsoring leisure activities and employee efficiency program, later developed into outsourcing 2 big volume projects to our operation & sponsoring our employee leisure room.

Mr. Harley Yu, General Manager of Brose; The Award was presented by Guan Xiaochu






One of our initial goals was to have the Inclusion Factory ISO certified, yet in 2015 such task was way over our expertise and this is where Staufen came into the picture; they sent their most senior consultant on a weekly basis to the Inclusion Factory to help us set up a quality management system, that even our biggest automotive customers are super impressed by.

Their support doesn’t end here, it has been extended also to Financial controlling & Lean management training of our personnel.

Ms. Shuyang Chen, representing STAUFEN.SHANGHAI; The Award was presented by Yang Yanping.



DEKRA Certification



Speaking of quality management systems, those systems also should be audited , the higher and stricter the audit is, the better the operation will work. and of course, wanting to be audited by the best, you go to Dekra.

Since 2017, Dekra has been helping the inclusion factory to establish a high standard & professional, Quality Management System.

Mr. Paulson Wei, General Manager of Dekra; The Award was presented by You Jingfang.



Mann + Hummel



Since meeting at GCC Christmas party, MANN HUMMEL management were continuously seeking for ways for cooperation with the IF, together we have identified a key component in Mann + Hummel production line which was outsourced to the IF, and this product provides stable continues employment to 7 of Inclusion Factory employees.

Mr. Xu Jie, Mann + Hummel  Vice President & Managing Director China,and the Tang Qingyi, who is a part of the team that is responsible for the Mann-Hummel project.



BOS Automotive Systems



Now, some companies are extremely persistent in outsourcing work to the IF, even though it has been difficult to find opportunities in their lean production lines, and even though the approval process might be hard and challenging, BOS has succeeded in doing so and are constantly finding more and more outsourcing opportunities to the Inclusion Factory.

Mr. Cheng Zhangquan, BOS Vice President of Finance Asia Pacific; The Award was presented by Xie Yun’ao.






They say, When THERE IS A WILL THERE IS WAY… and Trumpf exemplifies exactly that, despite the fact that due to the nature of their operation, they cannot outsource projects to us, they found various ways to support: providing us with working clothes & shoes, logistic services, ISO & 5s coaching for our team  & last but not the least, hiring people with disabilities.

Dr. Yang Gang, General manager of Trumpf; The Award was presented by Zhang Panqing.








In the past few years, Schaeffler has been a great & stable customer; all of our employees like to do the Schaeffler projects.

And now, Schaeffler have further strengthened their contribution to the Inclusion Factory, their technical department sondermaschinenbau, helps us to further improve our operation.

Mr. Zeng Yaodong, Senior Director of SMB China; The Award was presented by Liu Jinjin.



Siemens Manufacturing and Engineering Centre



In Germany, wire-harnesses are the “key” product in factories like ours. Siemens manufacturing & engineering center in Shanghai Baoshan are the perfect customer for that purpose.

When we approached them, we felt warmly welcomed, and for a company like Siemens, we can only imagine the complexity of introducing a new customer,

And we are a proud Siemens supplier two years later.

Mr. Kai Pantel, CFO of Siemens Manufacturing & Engineering. Yin Zhi, who is one of the leading employees to produce the Siemens project.

The parents of our employee  gave a speech

A representative of our employees gave a speech

We wish to take this opportunity, and say thank you again, on behalf of the entire Inclusion Factory, the employees, their family members, and People with Disabilities as a whole.

Your support proves that inclusion can be done in a professional, high standard way, and that when we work together, we achieve truly wonderful things!

By supporting the Inclusion Factory, you support dreams, aspirations & each persons’ right for employment.

Waiting for your company to join us in 2021!