Gear disassemble

Client: IMS Gear

More than 150 years ago IMS Gear started off as subcontractor for precision components for the regional clock and watch industry. Even in those days the special tools needed for gearing clock and watch components were manufactured in-house. This core competence lives until today and is the foundation for the innovative gear solutions which gained considerable commercial significance some 50 years ago.

IMS Gear has retained its dependence to this very day and is anchored in a solid shareholder structure. Sustainability and willingness to be flexible are focal characteristics or our operative and strategic activities. Our structures are not carved in stone, but adapt flexibly to the demands of customers and markets. This is also one of the success factors of our company, a prerequisite for continuous growth, and offers employees and customers the safety which characterizes a responsibly acting company.

Used in

Automobile Electric Steering system

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