Where can you find employment opportunities for people with disabilities? You are right!Taicang Inclusion Factory!

What do WeChat and German Automotive Companies have in common?
…You are right! Taicang Inclusion Factory!

Not every day a company like Tencent shows interest in a social project! Well, we had that day, and the result could be seen in this amazing video and article that Tencent made about the Inclusion factory, check it out here (13,000 views  and counting!)
Tencent coverage open the ground for further discussion on the importance of employment solutions for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities, which lead to the second article on their official platform, using our model as a benchmark
The topic was then followed by the popular live streaming app 梨视频 which covered “A day at the Inclusion Factory” as part of their efforts to raise awareness to the topic of people with disabilities in China:

As one of our colleagues is saying: “It seems like the ice is cracking…”


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